Cheer Officials

Becoming an Official

Associations to which you should belong:
  • MCJA- Michigan Cheer Judges Association: for ALL Judges
  • SMCCOA - Southern Michigan Competitive Cheer Officials Association
  • LMCCOA - Lake Michigan Competitive Cheer Officials Association - contact Secretary Heather Stam by email ( ) or phone (616.786.3093) for more information or to join.

Interpretations you need to know:

  • We can help you to get OFFICIAL interpretations.  Remember, the ONLY official interpretations are those you receive in writing from the MHSAA and that is ALL we will post. 
  • .

HELPFUL judging paperwork
  • Visit this page to get examples of the paperwork used by some of the top judges in the state.  They have given permission for it to be used by visitors to this site!

New Judges' Mentors

How to get signed up to judge meets?

Have a question that needs clarification? Ask us ( ) and we will find the answer.

Want to see a stunt again? Ask us and we will post it on our website. Take a look at our cheer videos section.